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Post Spring Break Help: Comedy on Netflix

Photo shot and edited by Caroline Olesen. All copyrights belong to Caroline Olesen.

(This article was first published on HerCampus, an online magazine for young women in college, in April of 2017)

They say laughter is the best medicine and the week after coming off of spring break is always slightly painful. With a tease of summer dripping on our tongues for the week, being dumped back into tests, papers, readings, etc., isn’t without a certain longing for the fun most of us got a taste of during SB’17.  Therefore, I’ve put together a list of comedians with specials you can find on Netflix. Now, I deliberately stayed away from the “greats” like Kevin Hart and Louis C. K., exploring new territory, which seemed like a good first step after coming back to the same old routine. Every one of the following comedians have made me laugh out loud, and I hope they will make you LOL too.

Iliza Schlesinger – Confirmed Kills, War Paint, Freezing Hot (& Elder Millennial as of 2018)

  • Meet the party goblin and level-headed-non-pussy-joke feminist humor. Iliza understands the female prospective and how to make it funny for the boyfriend as well. Never taking herself too seriously, her observational comedy kills with audiences of all sexes. With intelligent opinions and hilarious impressions, Schlesinger comments on women’s behavior when it comes to ordering food and using Pinterest and much much more.

Jimmy Carr – Funny business

  • A one line genius, the British mr. Jimmy Carr manage to take the “mickey” out of not only the viewer but the audience. Known for his ability to handle hacklers, he opens up the option during his special “Funny Business,” and absolutely destroys any and all opponents. The dry humor goes beyond the line of appropriate jokes more than once, so this is not a comedian to watch with your parents.

Kathleen Madigan – Bothering Jesus & Madigan Again

  • Drawing on her catholic guilt and Irish family background, Madigan understands the value of the great British sarcasm. With her raspy voice, she comments on her childhood and her home state of Missouri. Find out what “noodling” is and why Madigan wants to let people do it.

Jim Jefferies - Bare & Freedumb (& This Is Me Now as of 2018)

  • This Aussie takes no sh*t from anyone and calls out his own bad behavior. With snide comments, a cheeky smile, and his leather button downs Jefferies makes for a charming character that gets away with all kinds of bad behavior. He gives his two cents on becoming a father, partying, and his colorful language is comedic in and of itself.

Jen Kirkman – Just Keep Living? & I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine)

  • Discover why it’s important to know the difference between a lemon and a lime, and what’s horribly wrong with how married people treat single people. Kirkman is a firecracker but hits the nail on the head every time. She isn’t afraid to make fun of her own meditation practices or the unforeseen consequences it brings, and her story-telling is never dull.

Craig Fergusson – I’m Here to Help

  • This Scot is here to help – with a big dose of accented humor. He speaks out on babies and why they’re like Glenn Beck, while getting creative with other similes. His experience with acid makes for its own bit and learn why you should never take it after 12 pints of Guinness. Fergusson gives it to Dr. Phil and he doesn't hold back with the language.

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