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Collection of projects and works I have lead, participated in, or created.

All images and texts posted on this website are produced by me unless otherwise noted.


Each project or written here has been published or publicly presented at a conference.

Click on the images for descriptions and details. 


I specialise in landscape, cityscape, detail, and candid photography.

All photography on this website is done by me unless otherwise notified and credited.



These projects were all created and/or lead by me.

Planning and Coordinating GC Debate

Arranged and organised for the National British Debate Team to visit Georgia College in relation to starting a debate society at the university. The coordination of their social calendar, the planning and coordination of the major debate event with more than 150 attendees, as well as all publicity relating to their stay, including publicising itinerary, managing social media, creating and sending reception invitations, as well as creating all materials used.

Publishing and Marketing Portfolio for GC Debate

A large portfolio of marketing and publicity materials was developed for the purposes of promoting the visit of the National British Debate Team at Georgia College. This includes an itinerary, several posters, event programs, social media content like headers for Facebook events and writings for postings, etc., for the specific debate event, "The British National Debate Team at Georgia College."

Project on Increasing Democratic Engagment at GC

The purpose of this research project is to analyze the Times Talk initiative at Georgia College as a rhetorical method through which the college tries to increase civic engagement in the democratic process of debate and deliberation. The rational for the implementation of debate and deliberation initiatives at public universities and colleges in the United States, is followed by a strategic plan for implementing the Times Talk at other institutions. My hope is that by implementing debate and deliberation initiatives like Times Talk, we foster civic engagement, heighten awareness, and then turn awareness to action. 

Literary Translation of Poetry Collection

The journey through these poems have been immensely challenging both for my capabilities in Danish and in English. Working within two languages I previously felt I had control of, I came to realize the vastness of what I have left to master. This process has taught me not only about butterfly species, but about difference in syntax, history and roots of languages, and new ways to use the language I grew up thinking I had already conquered. It has been a humbling experience to face these challenges, but all the more inspiring and encouraging because of this.

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