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Caroline Olesen, Amatorem's founder 

Personal History

"Born in Denmark, I grew up with parents who loved to travel and made it a priority to show my sister and I that there are many cultures and people different from us and ours. I've lived in Belgium and Germany, but I received my basic schooling in Denmark just north of Copenhagen. In 2013, after graduating high school I completed an internship in Munich and went on to travel through both Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia, before moving to the United States to receive my Bachelor of Art degree at Georgia College & State University."

Personal Values

"Traveling has always been an important element in my life. It was Mark Twain who wrote that 'traveling is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.' Through my interactions with people from all different walks of life, I've learned compassion and empathy. In world where we're increasingly referring to "others" yet globalising at a rapid speed, these are the values that I've grown up believing breed understanding, acceptance, and tolerance."

Personal BRAND

"The name 'Amatorem' stems from a professor of mine redefining the word 'amateur.' She defined an amateur as someone who does it for the love of it. Passion is central to mastering any skill and I believe passion has an important place in life, whether it be for a job, for a hobby, or for a value. 

My passion lies with communication and storytelling. The power of stories binds us to one another through shared experience. When we communicate we're sharing our realities and adapting new perspectives. This engages our empathy and it is empathy we need in a time of division. A deeper understanding of ourselves and others furthers our chance of creating change and finding solutions to the problems in our lives."

personal Goals

"Using my experiences of traveling, as well as my degree in communication and English, I want promote empathy through education and storytelling. Bettering communication patterns and skills such as active listening, critical thinking, and public speaking, will enable people's ability to tell their story, listen to others', and engage and become change agents both locally, nationally, and globally."

Amatorem | amātōr-em | noun | Latin | meaning: lover  | associated with: amateur

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Georgia College & State University

  • Milledgeville, GA, USA

GPA: 4.0


  • English (Creative Writing)

    • Focus in ​Non-Fiction & Poetry

  • Rhetoric (Speech Communication Studies)

    • Focus in Public Discourse & Persuasion ​


The Corinthian: The Journal for Student Research at Georgia College

  • "Girl Power: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Communication Aspects of Always'​ '​#LikeAGirl' Commercial"    •    May 11, 2016 

The Peacock's Feet – Georgia College's Literary & Creative Arts Journal

  • "The Stork Came to Opkærsvej"   •   Poem   •   April, 2018

  • "My Beverage Personalities"   •   Innovative Essay   •   April, 2018 

  • "Fernweh"   •   Non-Fiction Innovative/Lyrical Essay   •   April, 2017

HerCampus Online Magazine

  • "Open Letter to Seniors: Have Faith in Your Capabilities" "Post-Spring Break Help: Comedy on Netflix"     •   Article   •   February, 2018

  • "5 TED Talks to Get You Through Finals Week"     •   List Article   •   May, 2017

  • "Post-Spring Break Help: Comedy on Netflix"     •   List Article   •   April, 2017

  • "I Am Embracing..."    •   Creative Essay   •   April, 2017

  • "Fixing 'I Don't Have Time...'"    •   Article   •   March, 2017

  • "Getting Ready: Fall is Coming!"    •   List Article   •   September, 2017


Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Conference

in Anaheim, CA

  • Presenting on "Debate at Georgia College: The National British Debate Team & Congress to Campus"   •    June, 2018

Women's & Gender Studies' Symposium at Georgia College, GA

  • Presenting on "Girl Power: A Rhetorical Analysis of the Communication Aspects of Always' '#LikeAGirl' Commercial"   •   April, 2017

Honors & Awards

Valedictorian of Class of 2018, Georgia College​

Outstanding Major Award: English (Creative Writing), Georgia College

Outstanding Major Award: Rhetoric, Georgia College

Georgia College Honors Program, Georgia College​

Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 151, Georgia College​

Gamma Beta Phi, Georgia College​

Eta Sigma Alpha, Georgia College​

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