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Amatorem | amātōr-em | noun | Latin | meaning: lover  | associated with: amateur

The Company

AMATOREM is centered around communication in all its forms; from public speaking and interpersonal communication to creative writing and online marketing. This comes from the essential understanding that all communication focuses on ONE thing: its intended audience. Amatorem is about our audiences, our message, and increasing our efficiency at getting that message across as best possible to decrease the miscommunication we see too often. 

The story

AMATOREM came out of a desire for change. Years of studying communication, its intricacies and its failings in modern society, led to a desire to find ways to improve how we communicate with each other. Amatorem, the name, stems from a professor redefining the word "amateur," not to mean someone who isn't a professional, but rather the word's root: someone who does it for the love of it, someone who loves. Amatorem means 'lover' in Latin, originating from the verb form 'amare' which means 'to love.' It is the root of this passion for improving communication patterns that drives the company - a passion and love of communication and language. 

The Values

AMATOREM sprung from education and so naturally its values is formed from the belief that Nelson Mandela synthesised when he said: "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."  It is through education we  understand the world and its infinite complexity. And it is through understanding that we create and promote empathy - the second value pillar of Amatorem. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, something which is central not only in how we communicate with each other, but also how we relate to the world and the problems we face today. 

The Mission

AMATOREM's mission can succinctly be expressed by three E's: Efficiency, Ethics, and Empathy. Making communication efficient means making it as precise as possible, helping people express themselves or their message as accurately as possible. Doing so, means making people aware of the ethical responsibility that comes with being an efficient communicator - not simply the ethics of the message but also the ethics of how the message is conveyed. This is a necessity in an age where "fake news" and information is in excess. The last goal is to promote empathy through better communication patterns. Becoming a better communicator means becoming better at understanding people because you cannot be a good communicator without understanding your audience. Amatorem, through this path, hopes to create empathy in every interaction.

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